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May 16, 2018

Today’s theme:  Good headphones vs. “Good Stereo”

The News:


ROON 1.5 is out

DIY Audio Amp Camp Amp

Kirby Meets Audio on YouTube

Mini DSP 

Education Segment

Good headphone setup vs a good stereo speaker setup. 

Sony MDR7506 + Audioquest Dragonfly or Schiit Fulla 2…

Mr. Speakers Aeon


Micca MB 42X

Listener Questions

 Hello Michael, I emailed you a couple of weeks ago in regards to your opinion if I should upgrade my polk subs to an SVS 13 ultra. Well, I took your advice and I purchased the SVS SB 16 ultra. Not just one,  but two SVS SB 16 ultras. I absolutely Love both of them, it was a great upgrade. Thank you for the great advice, I will keep these for a very long time. I do have another question. You mention the benefits of buying gear from Craigs list or ebay. I read on several sites to be aware of counterfeits. Is counterfeits something to worry about in the Audiophile world . If so, which audio items would you not buy from craigs list or ebay.

Thanks for such a great podcast!


TRON Soundtrack by Daft Punk

Loudness wars: