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Apr 3, 2019

Today, 30 year audiophile (and one of the two guys that got me into the hobby) Matt Rockwell and I sit down for a chat in his house in Boulder.  When I met Matt, he had a $300k+ system.  Now, a few years later, he's "pared it down" to a simple $36k system.  I know that sounds like a lot, but this was a fascinating conversation about audio, art, gear, and the true essence of the hobby.  

Note...Matt speaks quite softly, so I've done my best with the audio.  

Here's Matt's current system:

Speakers: Green Mountian Audio

Subwoofer: Rel

Integrated Amp: Jeff Rowland

DAC: http: Aesthetix Pandora with Signature Upgrade //
Digital Source: Custom Ubuntu 18.04 Linux, Real-Time Kernel.  Running Roon/Tidal and JRiver Media Player  
Headphones: Speaker Man - Ether :
Headphone Amp: Amp Sound :
Speaker Cables: Analysis Plus Oval 9
Digital Interface: Off-Ramp-4
Power Conditioning: Running Springs Jaco :
Power Cables: Shunyata Venom :
Interconnects (RCA and XLR: Audo Magic Liquid-Air :
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